Conine et al., 2022


The term conversion therapy refers to any practices intended to alter a person’s sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, or any combination thereof. The present-day scientific consensus is that such practices are not only ineffective, but highly harmful and fundamentally unethical. However, historical connections exist between applied behavior analysis and the design and dissemination of conversion therapy practices. The purpose of this paper is to highlight these connections and to call for further attention and action from contemporary behavior analysts on this matter. Specifically, we call for continued discussion and review of previously published conversion therapy papers according to present-day guidelines for ethical research, position statements from professional organizations, additional ethics guidelines for behavior-analytic practice, and future behavior-analytic research and practice efforts that support LGBTQ+ people. Reading the article and answering the 10 question quiz, participants will receive 1 Learning CEU.

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    LGBTQ+ conversion therapy and applied behavior analysis: A call to action

    • Conine et al., 2022

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    • Conine et al. quiz

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    • Survey


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