Silbaugh & Fattal, 2021


As the applied behavior analysis (ABA) service industry (“the industry”) continues to rapidly expand, it faces three major problems. First, ABA service delivery quality (ASDQ) is undefined in ABA research and the industry. Second, we cannot rely exclusively on professional organizations that oversee licensure and certification to control ABA service delivery quality because they do not have control over the relevant contingencies. Third, without objective indicators of ABA service delivery quality, it is difficult for ABA organizations to distinguish the quality of their services from competitors. In this article, first we explain the need for more critical discussion of ASDQ in the field at large, briefly describe a sample of common views of quality in ABA research and the industry, and identify some of their limitations. Then we define ASDQ and present a cohesive theoretical framework which brings ASDQ within the scope of our science so that we might take a more empirical approach to understanding and strengthening ASDQ. Next, we explain how organizations can use culturo-behavioral science to understand their organization’s cultural practices in terms of cultural selection and use the evidence-based practice of ABA at the organizational level to evaluate the extent to which methods targeting change initiatives result in high ASDQ. Lastly, in a call to action we provide ABA service delivery organizations with six steps they can take now to pursue high ASDQ by applying concepts from culturo-behavioral science and total quality management. Reading the article, and completing the quiz, participants will earn 2 Learning CEUs.

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    Exploring Quality in the Applied Behavior Analysis Service Delivery Industry

    • Silbaugh & Fattal, 2021

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Jacqueline joined Affecting Behavior Change as a Performance Engineer Intern. We were so inspired by her dedication to the field and to helping others learn more about Organizational Behavior Management. Jacqueline continued to excel in her position and became a CEU Content Creator. As a CEU Content Creator at Affecting Behavior Change, Jacqueline develops continuing education and professional development courses on ethics, contemporary issues in Behavior Analysis, and Organizational Behavior Management. Jacqueline has an M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis and a Graduate Certification in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. She is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

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